Sunday, April 12, 2009

Striking at the Pirates - Protecting the Rule of Law and Unalienable Rights

The US Navy's liberation of US Captain Richard Phillips is a victory not only against piracy, but also for the rule of law and unalienable rights. Watching ABC's This Week this morning, one could rightfully have wondered whether a large portion of America's pundits cared much about either. Thankfully, the President and the US Navy stood up against the ravages of piracy and acted decisively to save Captain Phillips by killing 3 of the 4 pirates, and capturing the fourth.

Apparently over 60 pirate attacks on non-USA targets have already occurred this year. To continue to allow the pirates to run roughshod would simply give victory to lawlessness. By taking the pirates out, the rule of law and the protection of unalienable rights have triumphed.

The pirates operating around the Horn of Africa continue to hold over 200 hostages from several non-USA countries. The question becomes, will the rest of the world act follow America's lead and act decisively to protect the rule of law and unalienable rights?

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