Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alas, Detroit

With today's announcement of a bankruptcy filing by Chrysler Corporation, America's once mighty industrial giants have revealed their weakness. In light of the recent economic crash, federal bailouts, and skyrocketing spending and job losses, this is no surprise. However, what made it unique was the President's announcement of the bankruptcy - which came on the heels of his demand that the CEO of GM resign. Whether right or wrong (hey, I'm from Detroit - I am all for saving the Big 3), what has been missing from the equation are our First Principles. How does this all square with (1) the rule of law, (2) equality, (3) unalienable rights, (4) the Social Compact, and (5) limited government. The answer may be out there, but no one is asking the question. If the question is not asked, how can we expect that our nation's founding principles will be followed?

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