Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Never Ending Threat of Terror

This week's Christmas Day attack on America serves as a timely reminder that we must continue to be vigilant against terrorists and those who despise America.

When America established a written Constitution to govern our affairs, we became a beacon of hope and liberty to the world - a beacon for the rule of law, based on the consent of the governed.

Those who desire to rule in another way - by divine right, dictatorship, or theological nightmare - shudder at the thought of America's adherence to the rule of law, the Social Compact, and unalienable rights.  They can not succeed in the war of ideas, so they try to light themselves on fire and take down hundreds of innocent civilians in the process.

This threat is never ending.  America will always be targeted by those who hate liberty and freedom.  This is the cost of freedom.

As long as we stay true to our First Principles, America will persevere and continue to light the beacon of liberty for the world.  And it is our duty, as Americans, to make sure that we stay that way.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keeping The American Spirit Alive - One Student at a Time

In an effort to renew the American spirit, my daughter and I have started Patriot Week.  Here is an article from the Oakland Legal News reporting on one of the outgrowths of that project:

The Oakland County Legal News

Patriot Week essay winners shadow judge at Circuit Court

Eric Dunbar and Katreina Ostrander, two sophomore students at Rochester Adams High School, were named winners in their school's essay contest held in conjunction with the week-long Patriot Week celebration in Oakland County.
The essay contest offered to U.S. History classes at Rochester Adams gave students an opportunity to express their views on a quote selected by the school for the contest from James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States, which states: "In a government founded on the sovereignty of all the people, the education of youth is an object of the first importance." The essay winners accurately interpreted the quote and discussed its true meaning. Furthermore, they explained it from a personal perspective, giving an older quote modern relevance.
This year's first ever Patriot Week, held September 11 - 17, was a grassroots effort created by Oakland Circuit Judge Michael Warren and daughter Leah, and recognized by the Michigan State Senate, to honor America, its First Principles, key historical figures, documents and symbols of its history.
Tracye Bello, social studies teacher and organizer of the Rochester Adams High School event, commented: "Patriot Week provided a series of memorable experiences that allowed students to appreciate the modern significance and relevance of historical documents."
As winners, Eric and Katreina were guests of honor at the Oakland County Circuit Court on Thursday, Dec. 3, where they had an opportunity to job shadow Judge Warren. Their job shadowing experience allowed the students to walk with Warren through his work day and witness court procedures and processes in actual situations.
"I am thrilled to have these two young stars spend a day with me learning about the justice system," Warren stated. "During Patriot Week, they learned about the rule of law, unalienable rights, and the importance of limited government. I fully expect that this experience will give them a greater appreciation for the importance of these founding First Principles and how they influence justice today."

Monday, December 7, 2009

Day of Infamy

As termed by FDR, December 7 is the anniversary of "day of infamy" when the Japanese sneak attack on our naval base at Pearl Harbor plunged our country into war with imperial Japan.  Soon thereafter, Hitler made a vast miscalculation and declared war on the United States in support of his Axis ally.  America was attacked in 1941, by 1945 we had defeated (along with our allies, primarily Great Britain and the USSR) both imperial Japan and Nazi Germany.

December 7 to what some have dubbed the "Greatest Generation" was our September 11.  Thousands of Americans died in each cowardly attack.  They were defining moments - turning points - for our nation.   December 7 eventually led to our nation leading the free world during World War II and the Cold War.

If we mean not to denigrate that legacy, we need to continue the struggle for freedom today - here and at home.

We would do well to remember what happe