Thursday, March 19, 2009

China - The Communists Reject Reform

Although China has made huge strides economically and socially, politically it steadfastly refusing to reform. Wu Bangguo, Chairman of China's Parliament, and China's second-ranking Communist Party official, recently issued a statement claiming that China would never accept a multiparty system. The statement also rejected any reform that would embrace separation of powers, a bi-cameral legislature, or an independent judicary.

Over 1.3 billion Chinese continue to live under the thumb of the Communist Party. Having visited China, I can personally attest that they are a wonderful people, full of life and huge potential. They are warm and generous. Unfortunately, their government refuses to acknowlege what we take for granted in our First Principles. The rule of law, unalienable rights, and limited government are rejected. The Social Compact and equality, while given lip service, is also ignored. The rights of the people remain secondary to the control of the government.

If China really wants to enter the world community, it is time for serious reforms that embrace the First Principles.

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