Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Tax Code Amok?

President Obama's difficulty in placing key cabinet officials and others in his administration because of tax problems continue. Although many have taken the opportunity to embarass the President over this issue, it presents a unique opportunity to address a much bigger issue - the incredibly large and complex tax code.

Put simply, no one can read the entire tax code. It is constantly extremely complex, mammoth, and nearly always changing. This state of affairs simply undermines the fundamental First Principles of America by making it nearly impossible for our citizens - including the political elite - to comply with the law. It also subverts our unalienable rights to due process - which assumes, among other things, proper notice of the law. Let's face it, if Obama's cabinet nominees can't figure out the law, how can 300 million other Americans.

The time has come to reexamine the tax code and bring it in line with our founding First Principles

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