Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jonathan’s and Washington’s Example: A Few Make All the Difference

“Perhaps the Lord will help us, because it is no more difficult for the Lord to grant victory through a few than through many.” 1 Samuel 14:6. 
Jonathan, the son of King Saul, uttered these words to his armor-bearer as the two alone proceeded to attack a small enemy outpost.  Within a few minutes they had slain 20 enemies, and the outpost panicked.  That panic lead to a full scale retreat of large army that vastly outnumbered the Hebrew forces led by Jonathan and Saul.  Israel proceeded to gain an enormous victory over their enemies.
Jonathan's courage foreshadowed the courage of our Founding Fathers and other great Patriots who have led the fight for freedom and liberty here and across the globe.  The British Empire should have overwhelmed the ragtag army barely held together by Washington (the indispensable man), but by perseverance and divine intervention, we won our freedom.  Likewise, we survived other threats by holding fast and true to our ideals - and each other - in the face of adversity.
When someone tells you that "it can't be done," you are outnumbered - remember Jonathan, and the Founding Fathers - you will be in good company.

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