Monday, May 23, 2011

Freedom is Not Free

On the 175th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, President Harry Truman remarked:

Some things have not changed at all since 1776. For one thing, freedom is still expensive. It still costs money. It still costs blood. It still calls for courage and endurance, not only in soldiers, but in every man and woman who is free and how is determined to remain free.

Indeed, President Truman's words continue to ring true today.  The challenge of American liberty lies at our feet.  We are responsible for its preservation - or demise.  That's why efforts like Patriot Week are so vital.  But so are so many other efforts to preserve our liberty - the wars, the soldiers, the treasure, the teaching. For all those working so hard to preserve our republic - I salute you. For the rest of you, get it together or lose freedom's last best hope. Truman was right - it takes every man and woman to keep our freedom.

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