Sunday, April 3, 2011

Iran: We Ignore their Tyranny at Our Peril

While freedom swept Egypt, Iran's radical theological regime continued its tyrannical oppression of its own people.  In February thousands of protestors - clearly inspired by events in Egypt - took to the streets demanding reform. This was a brave move in light of Iran's previous crushing of street protests which resulted in the deaths of dozens and imprisonment of scores more.

So how did the Iranian government react?  Gholam Hooseein Mohseni Ejehi, spokesman for the judiciary and prosecutor, announced that "The judiciary will quickly and resolutely deal with major elements and those who violated public order and peace."  Meanwhile, legislators - members of the governing party - called for the execution of the colleagues - those, that is, who are in the opposition party.

Why is this important to Americans?  Because despite our apathy, Iran is the very embodiment of a regime based on First Principles exactly opposite of America's.  We believe in equality - Iran embodies inequality against women into its governing law.  We believe in the rule of law - Iran believes in the rule of the gun.  We believe in the Social Compact (i.e., consent of the governed) - Iran believes in oppression of the people.  We believe in limited government - Iran believes in totalitarianism.  We believe in the ability to alter or abolish an oppressive government - Iran believes in abolishing the opposition.

Iran is important because its civilization is ancient (the Persian empire), they are smart, they have a loyal following, they are developing nuclear weapons, they want to annihilate Israel, and they export terror.  They want the world to follow their model.  Unlike Egypt or Libya, Iran has a philosophical government based on radical Islam that appeals to those outside of its borders.  If that model is seen attractive and continues to spread, over the long-term, it will threaten Western civilization.  Remember, communism started in one country; so did republican government.  We need to show the world that Iran is simply one thing: evil; and that America's First Principles should inspire the world - not Iran's. Iran apparently has fallen down the list of American foreign policy perspectives - and we do this at our peril.

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