Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday President Reagan

Today mark's President Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday.  Although by no means perfect, Reagan's legacy shines brightly today. Perhaps his most enduring trait - and quite unique at the time - was his tireless optimism about America and our role on the world stage. When he took office, many thought that America's best days were behind us. The dominant political and media culture looked down upon America's accomplishments, and questioned our ability to be a force for good in the world. Reagan rejected that perspective, and boldly declared that America's best days were in the future and that the march of progress would mean that our values would eventually prevail across the globe.

We often forget that at the time, the USSR and communism was spreading, and many believed that socialism or communism was the wave of the future. Reagan steadfastly - and most charmingly - told us that communism would end up in the ash-heap of history. More quickly than anyone imagined, he was proven right.

Reagan also warned us in his farewell address that we could only survive as a free people if we educated our youth about America's Constitution and First Principles. This warning has yet to be heeded. As revealed in America's Survival Guide ( studies upon studies show that our youth are not being taught essential civics and history, and we are at grave risk of losing our liberties. As we rejoice in Reagan's success, lets dedicate ourselves to preserving his - and America's - legacy by renewing the spirit of America.  One way to do this is to participate in Patriot Week (

God Bless Reagan and God Bless America.

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