Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day v Law Day

May 1 has historically been celebrated by socialists and communists as "May Day." Replete with military parades and large public gatherings, communist dictators across the world celebrated the triumph of their totalitatarian systems over their own people.

In reaction, the American Bar Association began 50 years ago to celebrate "Law Day" on May 1. Although the ABA has often taken controversial stands on major issues of the day, Law Day is perhaps their finest public service. This year's theme is "The Rule of Law." The ABA is hosting a series of activities across the nation dedicated to this theme.

In light of the importance of the Rule of Law in America, its celebration is a very fitting juxtaposition of the rule of terror propagated by dictatorships - communist and otherwise - throughout the word. The Rule of Law is an indispensible First Principle of America. The idea that every person must follow the law, including those who are in the government, is the bedrock of American freedom. Only when the leaders of the nation are held accountable to the same law applicable to all citizens can all citizens achieve equality and justice.

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