Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day President Washington

Considering that George Washington had no children, it seems a bit inappropriate to write about him on Father’s Day. However, there is a reason he is called the “Father of Our Country.” He is, in a very real sense, the father of all Americans.
Washington’s remarkable career is too lengthy to detail here, but I will focus on three major accomplishments. 

First, he successfully led the American military effort for independence. The American efforts were much more arduous - and miraculous - than we often give them credit. That the ragtag (literally) Continental Army and militia forces were able to beat the greatest military and naval force in the word is testament enough. But none of it would have possible without Washington.
Second, he reluctantly left retirement to preside over the Constitutional Convention. His was the steadying influence that gave the Convention the credibility it needed to successfully proceed, and his support ushered in the adoption of the Constitution - still the envy of the world.
Finally, he voluntary retired after two successful terms as President. This unprecedented act ensured that America would not devolve into a kingship or lifetime rule by the President.
In these ways, and in so many more, he bequeathed to us - an entire nation - our freedoms and liberties.  Happy Father’s Day President Washington.

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