Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Vote (by Tom Watkins)

We have all have heard it before — this is a crucial election. It is.

If you think elections don’t really matter, reflect back on the past decade in Michigan and America. Leadership matters and now is your chance to choose who will lead our state into the future.

On Nov. 2, all of us, rich or poor, cities and suburbs, blacks or whites, college-educated or high school dropout — we all have one vote.

Don’t use it and you are giving your power away and eroding the very foundation of our state and country.

On Election Day we are all truly equal. We the voters hold the power to decide who will lead our nation, our state and communities into the future.

But you must vote to make your voice heard. Better still — text, e-mail, tweet and Facebook your family and friends and get them to the polls as well.


To honor those throughout our history who fought and died to preserve our independence and democracy.

For the men in women in uniform both at home and abroad who are currently fighting for our freedom and to protect our way of life.

For the civil rights activist who fought the injustices so African Americans, who gave their blood sweat and tears to help build this country, could share in all its glory.

For all of the strong women of the Women’s Suffrage movement, who knew “right was right and wrong was wrong” and demanded their place in America.

Vote as an example to our children and the youth of this great country. They will inherit all that freedom and democracy that has built to date. Vote as a reminder that it is their responsibility to build an even more perfect union.

Vote and become a beacon to the world that America is governed for the people and by the people.

Participate as a reminder that we should not take our freedom and democracy for granted. People have been imprisoned and have died for the rights we have come to expect in America.

Vote to prove, once again, that polls don’t win elections. People who vote win elections. Time and time again, we have seen candidates being outspent and written off — only to stand tall in victory after “the people have spoken!”

Voting is an investment in our collective future.

Vote because you can. Democracy only works when we participate. Your vote will help make history.

Vote on Nov. 2 or our liberty and freedom could one day be history.

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