Sunday, May 2, 2010

Good Riddance May Day, Welcome Law Day

May 1 marks "May Day" - a traditional holiday that had been usurped and celebrated in totalitarian communist regimes to show solidarity in the international movement for the overthrow of freedom loving, capitalist societies.  In 1904, the International Socialist Congress called for a work stoppage each May Day not only to support an 8 hour work day, but to express support for the "class demands of the proletariat . . . ."  Once the communist party took control of the Soviet Union (USSR), May Day became a major celebration - usually accompanied by military displays - of communists nations.

In 1961, American countered by declaring May 1"Law Day" - a day dedicated to the First Principle of the rule of law.  Declared by President John F. Kennedy, the idea of Law Day is to celebrate the fact that we as a free people rely upon the protection of our unalienable rights through the law, and that the law - as opposed to brute force - governs.  

Now that the USSR lies in the ash heap of history, we can say good riddance to May Day, and give Law Day its due.  As we move forward in this tumultuous times, we would be best served by remembering that we should work to support the rule of law - otherwise May Day may return with all of its attendant horrors.

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