Saturday, August 22, 2009

Boris Yeltsin and the Spirit of Liberty

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On August 20, 1991 Boris Yeltsin stood on the turret of a tank and made history.  In June of that year, he had been elected as the Russia's president in the first free election in Russian history. 

When the old guard of the totalitarian and communist Soviet Union realized that they were losing their grip on power, they reacted by trying to suffocate the nascent democratic government in Russia.  Yeltsin would have none of it, climbed on the tank, and made a booming speech in defense of liberty.  The old guard cracked, and soon would the Soviet Union.

Thankfully Americans are not facing down tanks in the streets.  But that does not mean we can't learn from Yeltsin.  We need to be vigilant too. For far too long Americans have been complacent about the need to defend their liberties and to be engaged in the political process.  Although we may not need to climb a tank, we ought to step up to defend our freedom - we will have no one to blame but ourselves it slips from our grasp.

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