Sunday, January 11, 2009

Resurrecting the Language

For far too long, our culture has done its best to convert our conversations and literature into generic, bland, and 6th grade reading levels. Add to that the internet's penchant for abbreviations and half-words and phrases, and the English language is taking a horrible beating.

Widely believed to be the broadest and most diverse language, the modern speaker and writer have done English a grievous injustice. But help is on the way. The "Word Warriors" at Wayne State University have posted a number of words they suggest should be revived in the lexicon. The website also allows readers to make their own suggestions. Currently listed just under "a" are acrid (bitter, stingy); asinine (utterly stupid); antithetical (opposite); apodicitic (incontestable); and many more. On the website also features penultimate (one of my favorites, meaning second to last).

When we diminish our language, we diminish our culture and uniqueness. Great Job Wayne State! (By the way, did my mention my wife and I are alumni?)

Check out the website at:

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Stephen Martin said...

With all that's needed to bring our students up to speed, where do we begin? I fully appreciate the work of WSU here, but it's only one small piece of the puzzle.