Monday, February 18, 2008

Kudos to the Nomad Bookhouse

To commemorate President’s Day, I gave a speech and signed my book, America’s Survival Guide (, at the Nomad Bookhouse in Jackson, Michigan. Tucked in downtown Jackson, Nomad is a charming and warm independent bookstore, chock full of interesting titles. It also has a great backroom for children’s books. Most important, the owner, Bridget Rothenberger, is a committed, engaging, and warm person who really enlivens the book signing experience. Kudos! Nomad is located at 229 S. Mechanical Street, Jackson, MI. Check it out at (517-990-0700 is the general phone).

Independent bookstores like Nomad are all the more important in the age of big box book retailers, which primarily focus on commercial books to churn, as opposed to quality books that inform and educate.

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