Thursday, January 3, 2008

Special Guest Post by Tom Watkins: You Are a "Good Man" Judge Warren

He is a conservative and compassionate Republican and I am a reform-minded Democrat. He cast a deciding vote to help propel me into a major statewide policy role and I spoke at his investiture to become a circuit court judge. We come at public policy issues from a different slant, yet on a number of issues; especially debates dealing with kids, we remarkably end up at a similar space.

We have learned that we can disagree, and do so often but we do not need to be disagreeable and in fact can and are friends. We both wish there was more of this behavior taking place in our state and nations capital today.

What brings us together is a sense of obligation to make government work as effectively and efficiently as we can while upholding our democratic principles and ideals. We both understand and have played politics but know when and how to come together for the common good of our state and nation.

I am speaking about Oakland County Circurt Judge, and former state board of education member, Michael David Warren, Jr. Judge Warren is some one I respect and pay the highest compliment when I call him a "good man."

Judge Warren is a patriot and someone who loves this country and the principles and ideals on which this land of our was founded. The judge does not simply think deep thoughts he has put his thoughts into action in his new book: "America's Survival Guide, How to Stop America's Impending Suicide by Reclaiming Our First Principles and History."

The book was published on Constitution Day - the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution (September 17, 2007) - by Mill City Press and cost $15.99. You can order the book at or by going to the Judges Web site:

The book is as I describe it in on the dust jacket is "A comprehensive tour de force of what is going wrong with our republic and how to make it right. It does not matter if you come from the ideological left, right or straight-down the middle - this book is worth reading if you love America and cherish our freedom." It is a "one stop, full-service" primer to raise the alarm about the impending suicide of America and to help stop it.

In "America's Survival Guide," Warren describes how America is slowly committing suicide. He believes that contrary to popular wisdom, the most serious threat to America does not spring from overseas adversaries. The threat is from within. As the famous cartoon character, Pogo once declared: "We have met the enemy and it is us!" America's history and First Principles have been cast aside and denigrated by the public, educators, mainstream media, legal profession, and politicians. According to Warren, this state of affairs imperils the country's very survival; and these are self-inflicted wounds - the very definition of suicide. This is a must read book for everyone that is concerned about the direction our nation is moving today.
Besides being an author, Michael Warren is also a leading voice regarding social studies reform. As a sitting judge, former member of the Michigan State Board of Education, and board member of several education nonprofit organizations (including the Michigan Center for Civic Education and the Michigan Council on Economics Education) he is a forceful and powerful advocate in support of preserving America unique ideals.

He received national exposure when he challenged the Michigan Department of Education's attempt to excise the words "America" and "American" from the classroom. He has written extensively about education reform and the importance of American history and civics.

It has been written that those that forget history are doomed to repeat it. Judge Warren is a strong advocate to assure that American's history is not going to be forgotten on his watch.
No, we do not agree on everything. Yet as my first boss would often remind me, "if we both agreed on everything - one of us would not be necessary."

As I think of our relationship, I think we should find a way to bottle it and sell to the ultra partisan crowd in Lansing that seem to spend more time on "political gottcha" than solving our collective problems. Perhaps some one will read this column and be compelled to read the Judges book: "America's Survival Guide," and give it to all the members in the Executive and Legislative branches of government both in Lansing and Washington.

Read Judge Warren's book, "America's Survival Guide, How to Stop America's Impending Suicide by Reclaiming Our First Principles and History." Remember, if you don't know your history or where you are going - any path will take you there.

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